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WrestleKingdom Main Event Options

The G1 is beginning tomorrow (as of this writing) and this would be a good time to look at not only the potential G1 winners, but what it would mean for the WK main event. Below are some of the options for the main event and how likely it is that the individual options will manifest themselves.

Okada Versus Naito

This is my personal pick. Okada is still the ace and there are only two matches that I can think of that would be worthy of the “ace” that are not world title matches. One is an IC title match with Chris Jericho and the other is against Daniel Bryan if he leaves WWE. With that said, it is unlikely that either of those two matches would actually go on last if the world title is not on the line and Okada is likely to be in the main event…so the best bet is a world title match

There are reasons why his opponent may be someone else (to be discussed below). I think it is going to be Naito because Naito is still the most popular wrestler in New Japan. Moreover, if they do not meet in the G1 finals, it will be a year between meetings of the two which means other than the aforementioned potential match-ups with Jericho and Bryan…it is the freshest major Okada match.

Okada Versus Omega V

I have been thinking that if Omega does not stay in New Japan WrestleKingdom would be a great time for Okada to beat Omega and cement himself as the best wrestler in the world (in the New Japan narrative). The issue is that if Omega stays, it would be ideal if they wait as long as they can to do the next match. Then again, it is not the best-case scenario for Omega to go to WWE with a 2-1-1 (or 3-2-1) series victory over New Japan’s ace. The problem is that Gedo is probably not going to have an answer from Omega before the G1 so the options are either quicker than ideal turnaround for another Omega-Okada match or Omega possibly leaves with a series victory over Okada

Naito Versus Omega

This match is happening the first night of the B block. History says that means it is less likely to main event WK. At the same time, if the match finishes in a draw, then the story can be that there is unfinished business between Omega and Naito that they can finish at WrestleKingdom. If NJPW can find a non-world title match that is worthy of Okada…then I think this match is very possible….especially because it is happening so early in the tournament and is “only” going to be 30 minutes at the most.

Omega versus Ibushi

By the time the final night of B block is upon us, many of us will likely have a good idea as to whether or not it is possible that this match will main event WrestleKingdom. I do not think it will, but it is also hard to find a better singles opponent for either of them. If this match ends up in a draw, then an argument could be made that they can have one more match in the Tokyo Dome. One thing to keep in mind is that Omega and Ibushi can have a match at WrestleKingdom without it being the main event of WrestleKingdom.


My Life as a Wrestling Fan-Part 2

Part 1

Q: Who is my favorite wrestler of all-time?

A: Bret Hart

Q:  Favorite Storyline?

A: Hart Foundation versus Steve Austin

Q: Favorite Event(s)

A: Wrestlemania 17, Canadian Stampede, Backlash 2000, Wrestlekingdom 11, WrestleKingdom 12, Dominion 2018

Q: Worst Moment?

A: This is tough, part of me just wants to go with something in the fictional universe so I don’t have to pick between real-life tragedies…I’ll pick from one of the real-life tragedies and say the Benoit murder-suicide because a child died.

Q: Why do you and what do you like (about) wrestling

A: In Part 1 I discussed my other entertainment interests (and my other interests in general). When it comes to wrestling, it has everything that I look for in entertainment in one place…especially drama and athleticism.

A Wrestling Post Not About Wrestling

Two Fridays ago, I spent time with someone who I am quite fond of and when I left I was miserable. I felt like a burden to that person and it increased my depression. This past Friday, I spent time in front of my computer watching NJPW Dominion and while I am still struggling-that made me feel better than just about any day I have ever spent with the friend in question or any other friend.

I forget if it was this blog or my more personal blog, but I said that if I had the choice between never watching another wrestling show or never talking to my friends again, I would choose the latter (and it would not even be a difficult decision). Not all wrestling is as good as Dominion (which should go without saying and that is an impossible standard). The point is that wrestling (especially wrestling that I enjoy whether it is current or past wrestling) does it for me like nothing else and no one else in the world does.

I’ll put it this way, after seeing the friend two Fridays ago, I was crying tears of sorrow. After Omega beat Okada, I had tears of joy.

Whether it is chanting Kaze ni Nare with the Osaka fans, smiling widely when Takahashi celebrated the junior championship or having my eyes moisten when the Golden Elite hugged, wrestling (especially today’s New Japan) gives me something that nothing else in the world does. I’m beginning to think that wrestling gives me something that nothing or no one else in the world can.


After This Weekend…

I love wrestling. I mentioned in another post that pro wrestling is my real best friend (outside of my brother) and (outside of my brother) if I had to choose between never talking to any of my friends again or never watching another wrestling show again, I would say goodbye to my friends without hesitation. That hypothetical decision is based on some other things besides my love for wrestling, but I have another blog to discuss that and I want to focus on wrestling here.

Here’s the thing (as Shannon Sharpe would say), I did not watch everything that I could have. The Impact Wrestling/Lucha Underground show was on Twitch for free and I did not watch that. I think the Evolve shows were available and I did not watch any of those. I did not watch the Hall of Fame either. I “only” watched NXT Takeover, Supercard of Honor, Wrestlemania, Raw and Smackdown. Those shows alone reaffirmed how much I love wrestling. I just remember watching one of the shows (I think it was Takeover) and smiling for no reason. I was just thinking how happy I was watching this. Something else to keep in mind is from my perspective, the only show that was excellent was Takeover. I enjoyed the shows, but I thought all of them were “good”…which is fine.

My point is that I do not need wrestling to be great or excellent. To be honest, I just need it to be there. I could easily point to wrestling as to why I am alive right now (but again that is another blog). As I have noted, I like sports and I watch television shows. I also am fascinated by people and how I fit in. With all of that said, nothing does it for me like wrestling does.

I also realized (or reaffirmed) that I don’t know anyone who can enjoy wrestling intensely and watch with a critical eye with the intensity I do. At least no one I listen to or read regularly. I bring the best of both proverbial worlds. At least, I think so…but I am biased.