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Roman Reigns

I was thinking about whether or not someone else should just win the Elimination Chamber match because of the (well-documented) problems that Reigns has in getting positive reactions from the crowd. My ultimate opinion is that they should just go with Reigns. There is nothing they can do about the crowd reaction in general, maybe they can turn some people around before, during and after Wrestlemania, but as I said in general it is going to be what it is going to be for now. The issue is that there is no one else that has so much momentum that they would have to go away from what has been their plan for years and certainly for the last year.

I know Braun Strowman is very popular. I personally am a big fan of Strowman. There are several issues with Strowman though.

Issue number 1 is that I don’t think he is over enough for WWE to change their one year plans. If they were going to “go with Strowman”, he should have just won at No Mercy. He is borderline over enough. If management (meaning Vince) decided to go with Strowman over Reigns, I would not argue it…I just would not do it. I would like to see a little more in terms of some kind of metrics that show Strowman could be a draw with just one more push towards the top (meaning winning the Universal Title at WM).

Issue number 2 is that while Strowman is popular, I would contend that a great deal of his popularity is based on his destroying things and beating up Roman Reigns. Those are two easy ways to get over. I would think that there are diminishing returns to breaking things and lifting things every week. He also cannot beat up Roman Reigns every week either…I mean he could, but then it just becomes a meme. I would need to see a little more before I change my long-term plans one month before the end of those plans materialize.

Issue number 3 is related to issue number 2, Strowman is a limited performer. He is great at what he does and what he is asked to do. Moreover, he is charismatic. At the same time, in this era in order to avoid backlash, there probably has to be a bit more. It would be great if the day came where someone had so much charisma that he or she could be a big draw and become accepted by fans even with limitations. I am not sure that Strowman is that guy. I just think that there could be push back against a main event push for someone who by most standards is not a great worker nor a great promo. I believe he benefits a great deal from the fact that Roman Reigns is seen as the chosen one. I am not certain that Strowman’s popularity would survive that perception.

No one else in the chamber (including any of the four who may be added to it on Monday’s Raw) is even close to being an argument in juxtaposition to Reigns. Even if the idea was to turn Reigns heel (which is something that I want to get into another time), I would probably just do it at Wrestlemania at this point or the night after.

In short….screw it. Do Reigns versus Lesnar. You’ve come this far…time to see it through. See what happens with Reigns as a long-term champion.



The Shield

I am fine with the Shield getting back together. In fact, I have actively called for it for over a year now. I do not have a strong opinion on how long they should be together, except I think that it should be for a while. Put it this way, if they go through with Reigns-Lesnar for Wrestlemania..I still think that Reigns should be aligned with the Shield when that match happens. There are those who feel that WWE is going back to the Shield because they are desperate for Roman Reigns to be cheered. There are those that feel that WWE isĀ  going back to the Shield because they need something for the Fall with Cena gone and Lesnar of course still only working limited dates. Both of those things may be true, but it is still a good idea to put them back together for several reasons.

  1. They are better together than apart: I can certainly imagine (of course I don’t know) that Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns want to be more than the “Shield guys.” Perhaps internally, they wish they could do something that has nothing to do with the other members so that they could be seen for who they are as individuals. There is nothing wrong with having that thought, but they are better together. Part of that is because WWE has made creative and booking mistakes with all three of them as individuals. At the same time, just from watching the television…those three should be connected and they are better together than apart.
  2. They broke up too soon: The Shield had been popular for most of its run, even when they were heels. With that in mind, their babyface run was technically only three months and they were together for a year and a half. As readers of this blog know, I am all about what makes the most money. The Shield in theory should sell a great deal of merchandise. Hopefully they will help the ratings (either by increasing them or keeping them steady with tough competition during the Fall), attendance and Network subscriptions. They could probably do everything (maybe even the merchandise included) as heels, but they should certainly help things as babyfaces (especially merchandise). WWE needs to take advantage of the fact that people like seeing these three together.
  3. WWE needs something. As noted earlier, Lesnar is of course part-time and Cena may not be back for a long while. The Shield is the one thing that WWE has that can get people interested until the Royal Rumble season. One thing though, everyone involved have to work to keep the momentum going. The reason I say that is because I think the Shield can be a difference maker business wise, but only if creative is behind it and they figure out how to leverage people’s excitement to create a buzz beyond the first week or so. With that said, I also think that it is a good thing even if it does not increase business because I believe the people that are watching will enjoy the show more with those three together than they would apart.
  4. If: If WWE does decide to turn Reigns heel (which I should say I do not feel strongly about, but before the Shield reunion it would have gotten my vote), then he has backup and when the time comes opponents. Actually I can think of more compelling three man teams on the babyface side than on the heel side, but obviously the Shield should not be heels now…if ever.

Is WWE trying to make every dime?

I was thinking for the last few weeks about whether or not WWE is trying to make every dime possible or would they rather make less money because it is more important for them to be WWE (if that makes sense). There are things that WWE does that I believe costs the company money, but that is not really my question. The question is are they willingly doing things (or not doing things) that will cost them money because as I said, it is more important for them to do things their way than it is to make every dime? I can’t really think of anything obvious-but I have some ideas. I’ll give three for now and I may come back to this if I think of more.

  1. Turning Roman Reigns Heel: I am not sure that they think this will make the company money. At the same time, I absolutely will buy into an argument that they would rather make less money to have Reigns as the face of the company than make more money with someone who does not have the Reigns look. With that said, I cannot say for sure that WWE believes that a Reigns heel turn will move the needle and honestly I’m not sure either. I think there is a good chance that Reigns will get booed (which is ideal for a heel), but I am not sure it will increase any metrics.
  2. Bringing C.M Punk Back: This is a non-starter because of the lawsuit with the WWE doctor and because Punk does not want to come back. It will probably be years (if ever) before we can say that WWE is costing itself money because they refuse to bring back Punk because it is not an option right now.
  3. Even-Steven Booking: This is the one I am most interested in. One could make the argument that WWE will be better off if they protected more than 1-2 percent of the roster. WWE may think that by having wrestlers trade wins back and forth they are actually protecting the midcard and they may think that it is a necessary consequence of all the television they produce (including PPV’s/Network specials. More to the heart of the question, WWE may think that having too many wrestlers booked strongly gives them (the wrestlers) leverage that WWE feels that they cannot afford. The answer to that dilemma is just to keep 90-95 percent booked equally-even if it means a money drawing star does not break out.