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Pro Wrestling is My Best Friend (Example 2)

This example is a more broad example than the one I gave in my last post. From the moment I started watching wrestling 31 years ago (I’m 36 now), I have not once considered not watching or taking a break. There were times where our household did not have cable so it was more difficult to watch, but I always kept up with what was going on. Furthermore, any time I had the means to watch wrestling, I always did and I always will.

Even now, I am several episodes behind on ROH. I am months behind on Impact/GFW/TNA/insert name here, there is no way I am going to watch all of World Tag League (I basically skipped to the finals) and I am a couple of episodes behind on NXT. I actually…well I kind of feel guilty. It’s similar to how I feel when I don’t answer a text from a friend or a client. I feel like I am ignoring a friend. As loyal as I am to the friends I have in real life, I feel that same loyalty (actually more) to wrestling.


Pro Wrestling is My Best Friend (Example 1)

I moved to Lynchburg from New York this Spring for financial reasons. I moved in with my cousin. A week into the move, I realized that it was not going to work out. I ended up getting a $200 advance from a client and ordered two bus tickets (one from Lynchburg to Richmond and one from Richmond to New York). When I got to Richmond, there was a 30 minute wait for the bus to New York. I was not sure what to do with all of that time, especially since I could not go far. I decided to listen to music. I ended up listening to the same song for 30 minutes and the song was…

Follow up on Tanahashi post

A few posts ago, I speculated on Tanahashi’s Wrestle Kingdom opponent. What NJPW decided to do was better than all of the options that I set forth. Certainly, there is some questioning about giving Switchblade Jay White such a big push (it’s the #3 match at worst for Wrestle Kingdom and it may be #2). At the same time, that is what companies should do. They should push new talent especially if they are…well talented. The match itself should be fun and White gains whether he wins or loses.

Also with the Omega-Jericho match, now we have a situation where the IC title match could in theory be #3, which is something that I did not take into account, because I figured Tanahashi had to be in the number 2 match.

I just had an epiphany

Pro wrestling is my best friend (I don’t count my younger brother, he is in a separate category and he is truly my best friend). If I had a choice between never talking to any of my friends again or never watching wrestling again…I would choose to not talk to my friends. It’s actually not even a hard decision and that’s nothing against my friends (well I don’t say it as an insult to them). It’s just that pro wrestling is the only entity that I have been close to besides my brother and my mom. I cannot imagine my life without it.

Honestly, I am not sure if I would be alive without pro wrestling. Now one could say that is a sad commentary on my life, considering multiple factors…including the fact that I have never worked in wrestling. To that argument (it being a sad commentary), I would refer you to my other blog, where I often discuss my biggest annoyance (people judging others). My point is wrestling is the most important thing in my life besides God and family. It has gotten me through so many rough days, especially now when it is so easy to watch clips on the WWE Network or YouTube.

The thing is that I am a sports fan. I follow the NFL very closely. I am a big baseball fan. The NBA is interesting in that I have become much more of a casual fan until the playoffs. I also watch Days of Our Lives regularly (I have not missed/skipped an episode besides those that are non-canon in more than 20 years), I’m a big fan of Ownage Pranks,¬† I love writing…but nothing speaks to me like wrestling does. I don’t think anything ever will either

ROH and Impact Wrestling…

Ideally would have a working relationship. I know that Impact is moving to Canada and that is just one of several potential logistical problems…I still think that they should work together. When they were both on Destination America, there was talk of exchanging talent. There was also talk of an invasion angle. If the two organizations do work together I know people would groan at the idea of an invasion storyline (no matter who is doing the invading). I don’t care how they do it. There are few things that I believe have more potential than a properly done invasion so I won’t complain about that. If they just want to exchange talent…that’s fine too.

The reason I think the companies should work together is that both rosters have lack of depth. Granted the Final Battle card this year looks decent without much  (if any) New Japan talent. At the same time, it seems like the New Japan talent makes ROH feel like it has more depth. They could use more bodies, even if it is just people who are there to put over others. It is the same thing with Impact Wrestling.

Reddit Squared Circle…

Is becoming the first place I go to for anything wrestling after I wake up. It has solid wrestling discussion and it has news from several wrestling sources which are gateways to discussion. Speaking of discussion, there are so many people that posts (or at least it seems that way) that I have not gotten to know the posters and their proclivities like I have on the deathvalleydriver.com message board or prowrestlingonly.com, but I do like the vibe of Squared Circle. It has a great combination of information and discussion.

My Influences in Wrestling

This is interesting, I’m not sure I have many. I listen to a great deal of podcasts and YouTube shows. For the most part, I respect the opinions of the people I listen to (I respect all of their opinions as a rule…that is why I listen to them). At the same time, I am not sure there is someone who influences how I approach analyzing what I see. I guess if anyone is an influence on how I approach looking at wrestling critically it would be Dave Meltzer.

The reason that Meltzer is the biggest influence on me is because he looks at wrestling the way that it should be looked at, which is what works. I completely agree with his philosophy that the key to getting over is getting over. That is how I look at wrestling as well. I don’t really have many preferences…I just like to see things that work. My philosophy on entertainment is completely different from my philosophy on “real life.” In entertainment the goal is to engage the audience and whatever draws the audience (with very very very few exceptions) is good…no matter what it is. In my real life I try to be as different as possible and I get frustrated by the bandwagon mentality, but in entertainment the idea is to create that mentality….I accept and endorse that. Getting back to Meltzer, I do not agree with everything he says…but his approach to looking at wrestling is similar to mine.

I am not sure anyone else is an influence. I could listen to someone talk about a show or a segment or the overall landscape of a promotion or wrestling in general and I could agree with their isolated opinion…but for instance Wade Keller, Sam Roberts, Dalyxman, JD from New York, Bruce Mitchell, Todd Martin, Bryan Alvarez, Good Mic Work are all people that I listen to, but only Martin and Mitchell are even close to being “influences”…the other people I just named are just guys with a microphone. I enjoy listening to them, but that’s where it stops.

Even though Meltzer gets criticized for how he views certain matches in terms of actual match quality….I see where he is coming from. His mentality is the goal should be to engage the audience and people who do that should get credit for it. Do our favorite matches line up? I don’t know. At the same time, I will say that I tend to be more on the Meltzer scale in terms of what makes a good match than those who favor minimalism. I absolutely respect and endorse those who do more with less because efficiency in wrestling is the best approach, but I am not going to complain about a crazy Young Bucks match.

I also think there is a difference between looking at booking/presentation versus matches. I may not always agree with Meltzer on matches, but first of all (as I said) I tend to have the same approach on analyzing matches as he does and secondly I think that even if someone disagrees with Meltzer on match quality…that is easier to ignore, especially because he seems to have his favorites. You can agree to disagree on matches while still respecting Meltzer’s opinion on the booking/presentation which actually does more to draw because in that sense Meltzer is as unbiased as it gets.