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Close to a Breakthrough?

Granted the ratings are still close to record low levels and most my Twitter is “Wrestling Twitter.” I still think WWE may be on to something if they don’t screw it up (that’s such a IWC cliche). It seems like the people who are still watching are more invested/interested than they have been in a while. I don’t know if WWE can keep it up and even if they do, I don’t know if the “casuals” will follow, but there might be an opening.


Adjustments to my viewing habits

I watch ROH every week now that it is on Destination America. I live in New York so I didn’t get a chance to watch the syndicated version on television. I read the spoilers, but I never watched the show on television even though I could have watched it on the ROH website-I just didn’t. Now I do watch every week and I watched the PPV on Friday.

Just wanted to give an update because I read my first “real” post and I saw that ROH wasn’t mentioned-because at the time I didn’t watch.