Pro Wrestling Only

I am a member of Wrestling Observer, Pro Wrestling Torch and Pro Wrestling Net. All of those sites have their strengths, but by far the best site for wrestling discussion is Here is the thing, I pay $25 in total for the aforementioned sites, but there aren’t many people on any of those sites that can touch prowrestlingonly for actual wrestling discussion and is free. Keller’s head would spin after about two minutes on the site because of his limited wrestling knowledge. Jason Powell is good to talk to about wrestling (I recently asked him three questions for his weekly Q & A and he had a tremendous job in answering all of them), but he isn’t on this level.

I’m intimidated to post on the site even though I am a member because I don’t feel I have the wrestling knowledge. I have been watching for 30 years and have a very good memory of things, but I am mostly a WWE, WCW, ECW guy so I couldn’t participate in PWO’s top 100 wrestlers of all-time list. I still wanted to acknowledge the website because I visit it multiple times a day.


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