The Narrative Structure

Wade Keller frequently talks about how WWE breaks the narrative structure too often. An example of his point is Bray Wyatt taking part in the move to USA Smackdown commercial. Keller contends that it breaks the narrative because the Bray Wyatt character would never take part in that commercial. I agree with Keller in that I think WWE should having avoid wrestlers and other characters do anything contradictory on the television show. To that point, one of my biggest issues with WWE is that they often show heels doing charity events during the show. That’s bad enough, what’s worse is that it seems that it goes out of the way to show heels not “acting like heels.” In other words, it’s like they want to remind you during the show that it’s just a show.

With all of the above in mind, I think Keller overdoes the criticism only because of how WWE goes about presenting its show. I’ll put it this way, if there was less 50/50 booking, less poor dialogue and less shoddy writing-I don’t think the breaking of kayfabe or the compromising of the general narrative would be as important. I think the real test of whether or not the looseness of the narrative structure hurts the company can’t really be seen until WWE does other things right consistently. The three negatives mentioned above are much more important (at least in my opinion) than the breaking of the narrative. What Keller complains about adds to the issue, it is not the main issue…not even close.


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