Business or Pleasure

I wanted to discuss my approach to analyzing wrestling in terms of whether I approach something like this blog in terms of my personal enjoyment or in terms of what is best for a company’s business. For me it is the latter. I love wrestling, I am always going to watch and I like some things more than others-but ultimately I enjoy things that get crowds going crazy. Moreover, I have to look at wrestling in terms of what is “best for business” because anything else is makes any discussion I have more subjective than it is. Another way to put it is that everyone has an opinion. I will discuss aspects of things that I  personally enjoy, but I am not going to say “I don’t care about business” because I do, especially since it is more of an objective measurement.

While I am not into all of the minutia when it comes to things like WWE’s quarterly statements, I am very much interested in how the company is doing in general. There was a house show in Denver on 2/26 with Dean Ambrose in the main event and A.J Styles on the card where the correspondent who reported on the show said it was 1/4 full. My first thought when I saw that is that it may have done better if Roman Reigns was on the show. I’m not saying Reigns shouldn’t turn heel, but I do know that Dave Meltzer has reported that the house shows that Reigns is on do better than the alternative house show which is something to at least consider before making a decision on whether Reigns should be a babyface or heel.

The above is just one example. I think cheers and boos are very, very, very important-but they aren’t as important as business. None of this is to say that something that I liked while it happened is worse because it didn’t do good business (or it did good, but disappointing numbers). What I am saying is that my analysis is not based on my preference-because even though I don’t own stock in WWE nor do I have financial stake in any other company-my preference is what works in terms of crowd reaction, ratings, attendance and PPV buys/Network Subscriptions. I will read or listen to someone who sees the art of wrestling differently than I do-but their opinions are less valuable than someone who looks at what companies should do for the masses as opposed to what they should do for the individual fan.




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