Before getting into the negatives of wrestlingobserver.com, I will take a detour (WWE Countdown ™) into the neutral aspects of the website.

TV Reports:

Eh…every website has television recaps. The ones on wrestlingobserver.com are no better or worse than anyone else from the major websites. I am sure that many wrestling fans that would be willing to put the time in could do just as good or better than the observer re-cappers (, but they aren’t bad. Ultimately, the best recaps are not on the computer screen, they are on the audio with Bryan and Dave-which I discussed in my last post.

Figure Four Weekly:

This is the other regular newsletter on the site besides the Wrestling Observer newsletter. Figure Four Weekly is different from the observer in that it was never a tremendous source of news, but now it has shifted into becoming an entity which is not a source of news at all. The first part of the newsletter features writing from David Bixenspan, which is always nice for me to read because he is one of my favorite message board posters-but it is not a must-read by any means. Moreover, there are negatives when it comes to Figure Four Weekly (which will be discussed below).

Bryan and Vinny: Obviously everything that I say in the reviews for the Wrestling Observer membership or any other website/membership is subjective. At the same time, there are two reasons that I am putting the Bryan and Vinny show in the neutral instead of negative column. The first is that it is a popular show and if I am going to be fair-I have to acknowledge that there are people who enjoy the show. The second is that this more than anything is an example of my personal taste. The Bryan and Vinny show is too (to use one of their words) “wacky” for me. It is obvious from listening to this show-which I stopped doing years ago-that Dave reels in Bryan’s worst tendencies like a grounded wrestler reels another wrestler who only does high-spots. In other words, I am refraining from putting Bryan and Vinny in the negative column because even though it is all subjective-there are too many people that love the show and if anyone reading this hasn’t tried it out, I don’t want to make it seem like it is a bad show. It is a bad show for me.


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