Follow-up on last post-Crowd Reaction

Someone put it well on Reddit-“Booing and cheering should be a visceral reaction. If you’re thinking about it, then you’re circumventing the process.” I would say compromising the process. I want to make it clear that my point is that fans can cheer, boo or do neither with and to whomever they want. If fans want to “appreciate” heels that they like by booing them-then that’s fine. My argument is that the visceral reaction is better.

A heel getting booed because a fan thinks that is what he or she is “supposed to do” is like a pitcher being 6-3 with a 2.75 ERA, but with bad peripherals. It’s good to be 6-3, but walks, strikeouts and home runs allowed are a better indicator of future performance. It’s nice to get heel heat (i.e.: boos), but that isn’t necessarily indicator of future performance and/or more to the point interest in the character. It is an indicator of the character’s ability to generate interest if the boos are for the right reasons.

I am not saying that crowd reaction is not important, it is important because it should be an indicator of who a promotion should push. I am saying boos and cheers that come from fans “playing along” is not the same as boos and cheers that come because crowds are emotionally invested. Those reactions are the important ones. That is why I believe that fans should react however they want-because that is what the promotion can work with in order to go forward with how and if they push a wrestler.


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