Who am I (as a wrestling fan)?

So who am I as a wrestling fan and why should you care? I’ll answer the second question first-you shouldn’t-I’m just another fan. What I have found is that I talk a lot about wrestling…to myself so since I am a writer, I figured that I would start to put these thoughts on the computer screen. Maybe I will get noticed, maybe I won’t-but wrestling is my favorite form of entertainment and I enjoy talking about it. With that in mind…to help with the content-I will provide some context.

(Paraphrasing Mike Francesa…what kind of fan am I?)

Question: How long have I been watching wrestling?

Answer: For 29 years (I am 34 years old)

Question: What or who got me involved with watching?

Answer: My brother. I don’t remember a moment where I started watching, I do remember being scared of Kamala and that keeping me from starting to watch. I got over that fear and now I am at the point where if it was a binary choice (and it won’t be), I would watch Wrestlemania over the Super Bowl.

Question: What is my favorite promotion of all time?

Answer: WWE. Even though I have never gone to a wrestling show-growing up in the Northeast (and we didn’t have cable until 1995)-I have always been partial to WWE.

Question: What did I watch growing up?

Answer: WWE, WCW, ECW, I watched the GWF when we used to visit our relatives in Virginia (they had cable), and the AWA before it went under.

Question: what do I watch now?

Answer: Raw every week, Smackdown every week, NXT every week, TNA Impact every week and I have subscription to WWE Network.

Question: Who is your favorite wrestler of all-time?

Answer: Bret Hart

Question: What was your favorite time period for a promotion?

Answer: Tie between WWE in 1997 and WWE in 2000.

Question: What about New Japan and ROH?

Answer: I don’t watch New Japan regularly-but I know who the champions are and what is going on with it in general. I have a Bullet Club t-shirt and a Bullet Club hoodie, if for no other reason than I am a big fan of factions and I like the Bullet Club concept in theory (and from what I have seen and heard in practice as well). That brings me to ROH, which I do watch every week.

Question: Any wrestling website subscriptions?

Answer: I subscribe to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Torch and Prowrestling.net. I would try pwinsider (and I might for a one month period instead of one of the above or if I want to reward myself), but $25 a month on wrestling subscriptions (actually $35 if we count the Network) is enough for now.

Question: Favorite current wrestler

Answer: Adam Cole Baybay and A.J Styles

Question: You know what stuff is fake, right?

Answer: Insert witty comeback.

Question: What wrestler do I most identify with personality wise?

Answer: I always say that I am CM Punk without the confidence (with that in mind I do another blog about my personal life). With Punk gone-I find that I agree with a lot of what Bray Wyatt says (especially last year during the Cena program). Also

Question: How am I different from the average fan?

Answer: I would say that I look at things from a “best for business” perspective. I am going to watch anyway, so promotions may as well do what is best for them. For example, if this Roman Reigns push was more effective-I would not say that Daniel Bryan should be in that spot because I like him more. More to the point-I would not even say that I would want Bryan in that spot. I just think that promotions should do what works for crowds and the box office and that’s what I want from them and for them. Also while I have my favorites-I don’t actually dislike any wrestler/character.

Question: Favorite shows of all-time?

Answer: Canadian Stampede (1997), Backlash 2000 and Wrestlemania 17


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